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Biology of the Crab

INTRODUCTION Crabs are found in the aquatic ecosystem. Aquatic ecosystem is two types: Fresh water ecosystem and Marine water ecosystem. We investigated the biology of the freshwater crab. Freshwater crabs are included in the...

About an Electric ray or torpedo 1

About an Electric ray or torpedo

Classification: Phylum: chordate Group: vertebrata Subphylum: Gnathostomata Series: Pisces Class: Elasmobranchi Order: Torpediniformes (Electric organ present between head and pectoral fins, pre-orbital cartilages greatly enlarged) Genus: Torpedo or Astrape Geographical distribution: torpedo is found...

The Hippocampus 1

Sea horse (Brood pouch fish)

Hippocampus  sea horse brood pouch fish Classification: Phylum: chordata Subphylum: Gnanthostomata Series: Pisces Class: Teleostomi Subclass: Actinopterygii Order: Syngnathiformes Genus: Hippocampus Geographical distribution: Hippocampus  is mainly live in tropical and temperate water,marine water particularly...


Description of Dentalium ( Elephant’s Tooth Shell)

Systematic position of Dentalium Phylum : Mollusca. Class:        Scaphopoda. Genus      :   Dentalium Habit and habitat: Dentalium is marine. In shallow waters to depth they are found. Living partly buried obliquely in the mud and...

The Characteristics Contains Mollusca Generaly 1

The Characteristics Contains Mollusca Generaly

GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS OF MOLLUSCA Body is short and partially or wholly enclosed by a fleshy outgrowth of the body wall called mantle. A shell if present secreted by the mantle and of one, two...