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Aeromonas infections in Pangasius catfish cause petechial hemorrhages 0

Diseases of Pangasius and catfish

Diseases of Pangasius and catfish deteriorate production and benefit. Diseases of Pangasius and catfish are main obstacle of culture. Pangasius culture has become main fish culture in Bangladesh mainly northern part. Diseases of pangasius...


Chilodonella sp. (Strand, 1926)

Chilodonella sp. (Strand, 1926) This is a protozoan parasite. Body dorsoventrally flattened. Dorsal surface convex and ventral surface flat. Several paralle, arching rows of cilia on ventral surface. Oral basket protrusible, conspicuous, opening on...


Lernaea sp. (Linnaeus, 1785)

 Lernaea sp. (Linnaeus, 1785) Lernaea sp. is most harmful, parasite of cultured freshwater fish commonly name anchor worm. It is a copepod parasite. Elongated form with two anchoring device at the head to attach....


Procamallanus sp. (Baylis, 1923)

Procamallanus sp. (Baylis, 1923)   It is a Nematode parasite, generally found in the intestine. Body cylindrical, filiforms and covered with a strong protecting cuticle which is flexible. Mouth is dorsoventrally slight bounded by...


Lytocestus spp. (Cohn, 1908)

Lytocestus spp. (Cohn, 1908) Lytocestus sp. is a parasite. It is known as “Entire worm”. Body elongated, dorsoventrally flattened, unsegmented leaf like. Tapering anteriorly into scolex, head consists of scolex and neck, scolex variable...