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Jellyfish sting treatment

Jellyfish or jellies are umbrella shaped free swimming aquatic animals with different type of tentacles. The tentacles of different jellyfish may be many kinds. This can be vary in their positions and rigidity, in...

Aeromonas infections in Pangasius catfish cause petechial hemorrhages 0

Diseases of Pangasius and catfish

Diseases of Pangasius and catfish deteriorate production and benefit. Diseases of Pangasius and catfish are main obstacle of culture. Pangasius culture has become main fish culture in Bangladesh mainly northern part. Diseases of pangasius...

Pangasius 0

Exportable Pangasius Hypophthalmus for best fillets

Fillets producing fish (Pangasius hypophthalmus Sauvage, 1878 ) Habit and Habitat: Pangasius hypophthalmus is fresh water fish species. Mekong River fishery occupied most of that major fish species, Pangasius hypophthalmus is the largest and...


Chilodonella sp. (Strand, 1926)

Chilodonella sp. (Strand, 1926) This is a protozoan parasite. Body dorsoventrally flattened. Dorsal surface convex and ventral surface flat. Several paralle, arching rows of cilia on ventral surface. Oral basket protrusible, conspicuous, opening on...