Author: Faridul Islam James


Ramsagor is not sagor(sea).

Ramshagar, Dinajpur written by jakir zoology, RU Ramshagar dighi not an actually sea, but also it’s a big pond known as Ramshagor dhighi. Ramshagar dighi is the largest man made pond (Dighi, Bengali meaning)...


Chilodonella sp. (Strand, 1926)

Chilodonella sp. (Strand, 1926) This is a protozoan parasite. Body dorsoventrally flattened. Dorsal surface convex and ventral surface flat. Several paralle, arching rows of cilia on ventral surface. Oral basket protrusible, conspicuous, opening on...


Lernaea sp. (Linnaeus, 1785)

 Lernaea sp. (Linnaeus, 1785) Lernaea sp. is most harmful, parasite of cultured freshwater fish commonly name anchor worm. It is a copepod parasite. Elongated form with two anchoring device at the head to attach....