Monthly Archive: July 2018


Largest rodent capybara

The largest living rodent on earth that is called Capybara, also known as Carpincho or water hog. They are closely related to guniea pigs or sometimes they said to be large guinea pigs. Capybara...


The silent Hunter Puma

Puma is known as many names, such like Mountain lion, Cougar, Catamount. It is a graceful large cat, which belongs to felinae family.  It is recorded to Guinness Book of World for its highest...


Jaguar the furious Panthera onca

Jaguar the mostly known car brand, named by ferocious mammal from South America, one of the largest cat of the world, which consist of meaning “he who kills with one leaps”. One can confused...


The Truth about Sloth

Many of us may heard about word “sloth motion” or “working like sloth”. Yes sloth is another animal that also from the continent South America. This tree dwelling mammal known for its slow movement....


Curious Hog Nosed Coati

South america, is one of the variegated continent of the world.  You can find some animals here that are quite impossible to find. Well you will find ‘Coati’ one of that type animal. Surprising,...