Zoology, the study of animals

Biology is the science of living things. The word biology is derived from the Greek bios meaning’’ life’’ and logos’’ the study of’’. All knowledege about living things study on the biology. Biologists think of two main subdivision of biology- botany, the study of plant , and zoology ,the study of animals.other biologists feel that there are really three types of organisms- plants, animals and microorganisms- and consider microbiology to be a major subdivision of biology.

Zoology is a science that deals with animals and animal life, and the student of zoology should have an understanding of the meaning of the life. The man who study of zoology called zoologist. Zoology is a branch of biology. The history of zoology strat from ancient age of the Earth and natural history. The language of Zoology depends heavily on Greek and latin roots. Under  zoology  you can study- mammalogy, the study of mammals, Ornithology, the study of birds, Herpetology, the study of Reptiles, Ichthyology , the study of Fishes, Entomology, the study of Insects, Helminthology, the study of parasitic worms, Protozoology, the study of protozoa (protos-first, zoon– animal),and anthropology that deals the natural history of man. Ecology is  the branch of zoology that deals interaction between biotic factor and abiotic factor of a environment. Other hand  Zoology study  two way vertebrate zoology and invertebrate zoology.

Zoology  include the study of animals, their physiology, anatomy, histology,cytology, genetics,immunology, behaviour, evolution, zoogeography, paleontology, taxonomy, embryology and interaction with each other and their environment. Zoologists study how an animal survive and species extant on the environment.

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