Trichodina sp. (Ehrenberg, 1831)

   Trichodina sp. (Ehrenberg, 1831)

Trichodina sp. is a Protozoan parasite. Body cup shaped, diameter 17.0— 61.8 µm. Adhesive disc concave diameter 13.7—48.5 µm.. Adoral ciliary spiral 395—400. Free swimming with numerous long cilia surrounding the body. They are looks like a watch glass, bell-jar or a hat. The central part is delicate and sloped posterior. The disease produce by Trichodina sp. called Trichodiniasis (Fig. 4.2).


Trichodina sp. (Ehrenberg, 1831) gill parasite


Phylum : Ciliophora

Class : Oligohymenophora

Order : Hymenostomatida

Suborder : Mobilina

Family : Trichodinidae

Genus Trichodina


Symptoms and Pathology


  • Darkening of the skin.
  • Fish exhibit abnormal behaviours and colours.
  • Fish become sluggish, weight loss, moribund, week, inactivity.
  • Skin irritated, proliferate mucus cell.
  • White coating mucus, scale slippery.
  • Destruction of bronchial epithelial.
  • Disrupt respiratory process of fish.
  • Hyperplasia, necrosis exhibit in fish.

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