Sea horse (Brood pouch fish)

Hippocampus  sea horse brood pouch fish


Phylum: chordata

Subphylum: Gnanthostomata

Series: Pisces

Class: Teleostomi

Subclass: Actinopterygii

Order: Syngnathiformes

Genus: Hippocampus

 The Hippocampus
The Hippocampus

Geographical distribution:

Hippocampus  is mainly live in tropical and temperate water,marine water particularly in India, Bangladesh, and Atlantic sea, Japan, Malay, Archipelago and China.

Characters of Hippocampus:

  1. This fish is commonly known as Sea horse.
  2. Body of Hippocampus more or less elongated and having an exoskeleton of rings.
  3. Mouth is an elongated tubular snout.
  4. Trunk is compressed and somewhat elevated with 10-12 rings.
  5. Pectoral and dorsal fins are small.
  6. Caudal and pelvic fins are absent.
  7. Prehensile tail use for coiling round the sea weeds.
  8. Operculum and body wall fused together to the ventraly and posteriorly, leaving a small upwardly  directly branchial aperture.
  9. The most impressive is that male possesses a brood pouch on the abdomen. In the brood pouch eggs are retained untill they hatch as young ones.
  10. It swims in a vertical position by undulation of dorsal fin.
  11. It has male and female separatly.
  12. It feeds on microorganism.
  13. Hippocampus exhabits mimicry by prominent spines and for that the body resemble like sea weeds.


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