Procamallanus sp. (Baylis, 1923)

Procamallanus sp. (Baylis, 1923)


It is a Nematode parasite, generally found in the intestine. Body cylindrical, filiforms and covered with a strong protecting cuticle which is flexible. Mouth is dorsoventrally slight bounded by six papillae. Male comparatively smaller than female. Male, body length 5.97-6 83 mm and width 0.91-1.12 mm. Female body length 8.78-8.96 mm and width 0.97-1.89mm. The disease caused by Procamallanus sp. called Procamallanosis

Procamallanus sp. (Baylis, 1923)



Phylum : Nematoda

Class Secernentea

Order : Spirurida

Family : Camallaninae

Genus : Proamallanus


Symptoms and Pathology

• Damage the tissue of the alimentary canal.

• Extensive degenerative changes and necrosis occurred around the encysted larva.

• Larva infects the tissue during migration to their target site most commonly the skin, muscle, viscera or peritoneal cavity.

• Secondary infection is possible (bacterial)

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