Pallisentis sp. (Van Cleave, 1928)

Pallisentis sp. (Van Cleave, 1928)

 Pallisentis sp. is a “spiny-headed” worms isolated from skin and fin of different fishes. Body shows externally three recognizable regions: i) the proboscis ii) neck and iii) the trunk. Proboscis is a hollow, subglobular to cylindrical structure, always armed with a set of posteriorly pointing hooks. It is a retractable. The neck is short and behind the proboscis, it is never armed. The trunk is a sack like structure, straight or curving. Body length 8.0—30.5 mm and width 0.3—0.5 mm. The disease caused by Pallisentis sp. called pallisentiosis.

Pallisentis sp


Phylum : Acanthocephala

Class : Eoacanthocephala

Order : Neoechinorhynchidea

Family : Quadrogyridae

Genus : Pallisentis


Symptoms of Pallisentis infection


• The proboscis hooks into the muscle layer of the intestine.

• Weight loss, growth retardation and even mortality have been recorded.

• Produce retardation and even mortality have been recorded.

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