Nonpoisonous snake Python molurus



Classification :

Phylum     …. Chordata

Group       …. Vertebrata

Subphylum … gnathostomata

Class         ….  Reptillia

Subclass …… lepidosauria

Order     …….. squamata

Suborder ……. Ophoidia

Family ………. Boidae

Genus ……….. python

Species ……… molurus

Geographical distribution: Python molurus is distributed in Bangladesh and also Indo-china

Python molurus


  1. Python molurus is commonly called Bangladeshi python or ajogar.
  2. It is larger, massive and non-poisonous snake.
  3. It may reach the maximum length of 10 meter and is the biggest and thickest snake of Bangladesh.
  4. It weight to a maximum of 125 kg.
  5. The colour is brown above with rhomboid drak-grey edged spots on the body  and ventral side is grayish with yellow-brown spots.
  6. The scales are in 60 to 75 smooth rows, the ventrals are distinctly smaller.
  7. Head is distinct from the neck and is covered with symmetrical shields or small scales.
  8. Presence of a lancet-shaped brown mark of the head.
  9. The eyes are without eyelids and the pupil is vertical.
  10. The tail is short and prehensile.
  11. Supra-labials are 11-13. The first two are full of pits and the sixth and seventh touching the eye.
  12. Infra-labials are 16-13. Anterior ones are long and narrow and posterior ones have pits.
  13. Parietal, loreal and temporal regions are covered with irregular scales.
  14. The rostral scale on the head bears a deep pit on either side, which is probably thermo receptive in function.
  15. Rudiments of appendages in the form of two claw spurs are present near the cloaca.
  16. Carnivorous, feeding on reptiles, birds and mammals.
  17. It is oviparous.

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