Lernaea sp. (Linnaeus, 1785)

 Lernaea sp. (Linnaeus, 1785)

Lernaea sp. is most harmful, parasite of cultured freshwater fish commonly name anchor worm. It is a copepod parasite. Elongated form with two anchoring device at the head to attach. Two greenish egg sacs at the posterior end. There are some small swimming legs which are very minute is numbers. Females are parasitic and males are free living, length 1.15- 1.52 mm (Without Uropod) and width 0.124-0.133 mm. The disease caused by Lernaea sp. called Lemaeosis.


Lernaea sp. (Linnaeus, 1785)


Phylum : Arthropoda

Class : Crustacea

Order : Copepoda

Family : Lernaeidae

Genus : Lernaea


Symptoms anti pathology


  • Irritation and aberrant swimming.
  • Fish appear sick and float with belly facing up or they hang vertically in the water.
  • Larger open, wounds on the skin.
  • Loss of weight and anemia.
  • Dermal inflammation of penetration of anchors.
  • Haemorrhagic and ulcer in the infected area.

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