Ichthyophthirius sp. (Fouquet, 1876)

Ichthyophthirius sp. (Fouquet, 1876)

Ichthyophthirius sp. is a Protozoan parasite. Body is oval shaped but it can change its shape to considerable extent if necessary. Diameter was 37.2— 68.9 p.m. The body bears a large number of cilia over the whole surface area. It has a tubules mouth. Both micro and macro nucleus are present. The nucleus is horse shaped and rotating in nature. The disease caused by Ichthyophthirius sp. called ich or white spot or ichthyophthiriasis disease


Ichthyophthirius sp. (Fouquet, 1876)


Phylum : Ciliophora

Class : Oligohymenophora

Order :Hymenostomatida

Suborder : Ophryoglenina

Family : Ichthyophthiriidae

Genus : Ichthyophthirius


Symptoms anti Pathology

• Distinct white spots over body and fins.

• White swelling at external surface of infected fish.

• Irritation, tend to move towards water entrance.

• Scraps, rub against pond side.

• Reduce appetite.

• Lethargic and did not respond to stimuli.

• Epithelium destroyed and dermis exposed.

• Gill swollen, edema and hypertrophy.

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