Crocodylus porosus 



                             Group –Vertebrata

                             Class– Reptilia

                              Order- Crocodilia

                              Genus- Crocodylus


Geographical distribution: Crocodylus porosus has a wide distribution. It inhabits  mainly fresh water all over the world.

Crocodylus porosus


  1. Crocodylus porosus is commonly called marsh crocodile (kumir)
  2. Body is covered with an exoskeleton of horny thick epidermal scales provided with dermal bony  plates.
  3. The general color of the upper parts is dark olive-brown.
  4. The average length of this species is 4 to 5 metres.
  5. The head is triangular and rough at the top.
  6. The snout is stout rather broad.
  7. Limbs are pentadactyle with five fingers and four toes.
  8. The fingers are webbed at the outer toes are broadly webbed.
  9. The tail is long and laterally compressed.
  10. Mandibular symphysis is short, extending only to the level of fourth or fifth tooth.
  11. There are upper and lower jaws, each contains 19  teeth on either side.
  12. The fourth mandibular tooth fits into a notch in the upper jaw.
  13. The fifth upper tooth is the largest.
  14. Vertebrae are procoelous.
  15. The nuchal scutes are six in number which are packed closely together forming a square.
  16. The dorsal shield is composed of four, sometimes of  six rows of larger scutes of which the central pair is the broadest.
  17. The ears are covered by movable flaps of skin.
  18. Crocodylus porosus are oviparous.
  19. They are predators.

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