Chilodonella sp. (Strand, 1926)

Chilodonella sp. (Strand, 1926)

This is a protozoan parasite. Body dorsoventrally flattened. Dorsal surface convex and ventral surface flat. Several paralle, arching rows of cilia on ventral surface. Oral basket protrusible, conspicuous, opening on anterior part of ventral surface. Length 21.3 – 41.7 µm and width 13.3 — 38.6 µm. The disease caused by Chilodonella sp. called Chilodoneliasis.


Chilodonella sp.


Phylum : Ciliophora

Class : Kinetophragminophorea

Subclass : Hypostornata

Suborder Cyrtophorida

Family Chilodonellidae

Genus Chilodonella


Symptoms and pathology

• Fish infected with Chilodonella sp. become weak.

• Excess bluish-gray mucus covers the infected skin.

• Damaged in the skin and gill.

• Young fish are particularly severely affected.

• Fish even died.

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