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Organic Shrimp Project Bangladesh (OSP-BD)

General information

 Without few exceptions, organic farming in Bangladesh is still on experimental basis. Based on International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movement (IFOAM) statistics, total land area under organic cultivation in Bangladesh is 0.177 million ha that is only 2 percent of the country’s total cultivable land and till the decade only 100 of its traditional farms have been converted into organic. Actually, organic farming has been introduced in the country particularly by the NGOs. Since the inception of organic farming in the country, still this movement is running with the direct leadership of different NGOs. According to IFOAM (1996), “138 NGOs are the member of the Forum for Regenerative Agriculture Movement (FORAM), 47 of them are engaged in practicing organic agriculture, 87 are intending to practice sustainable agriculture and 3 of them are engaged in advocacy, lobbying and campaign for sustainable development in Bangladesh”.


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