Alligator mississipiensis







Species-Alligator mississipiensis


Geographical distribution: Alligator mississipiensis  is found in the rivers of southern states of north america and A. sinensis occurs in the rivers of china.



  1. Head is broad with short, broasd and rounded snout.
  2. Body is covered with an exoskeleton of horny epidermal scales.
  3. The general color is greenish-black or dark-brown above and yellowish below.
  4. It measures two and a half to three and a half metres in length.
  5. Limbs pentadactyle with five fingers and four toes.
  6. The fingers are half-webbed and the toes are two-third webbed.
  7. The tail is laterally compressed.
  8. Mandibular symphysis is short extending only to the level of fourth or fifth tooth.
  9. Fourth mandibular tooth fits into a pit in the  upper jaw.
  10. On either side 17-18 teeth in the upper jaw and 18-20 teeth in the lower jaw.
  11. The nasal bones divide the nasal groove by a median bony septum.
  12. The dorsal shield is formed by 6or 8 longitudinal series of keeled bony scutes.
  13. The neck is protected by two pairs of large scutes.
  14. Alligator mississipiensis is predators.

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