About an Electric ray or torpedo


Phylum: chordate

Group: vertebrata

Subphylum: Gnathostomata

Series: Pisces

Class: Elasmobranchi

Order: Torpediniformes (Electric organ present between head and pectoral fins, pre-orbital cartilages greatly enlarged)

Genus: Torpedo or Astrape


Geographical distribution: torpedo is found in Mediterranean, Red Sea, Atlantic and pacific Oceans. T. marmorata is found in Indian Ocean.


  • Torpedo is commonly name as electric-ray.
  • Body is dorso-ventrally flattened and disc-shaped which is subcircular
  • The semicircular anterior margin of the disc is supported in the centre by a branched prenasal rostrum and laterally by the branched preorbital cartilages.
  • Skin is smooth without scales.
  • Mouth is transverse and ventral.
  • Quadrangular naso-frontal lobe is present.
  • Spiracles are present behind the eyes.
  • Gill slits are ventral.
  • A pair of large electric organ, one on either side in between the pectoral fins and the head.
  • Electric organs consist of music of muscle fibres arranged in blocks and serve as batteries.
  • Tail is relatively short with two dorsal fins and a caudal fin.
  • They are viviparous.
  • Carnivorous. Food chiefly comprises crustaceans and molluscs.

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