Lytocestus spp. (Cohn, 1908)

Lytocestus spp. (Cohn, 1908)

Lytocestus sp. is a parasite. It is known as “Entire worm”. Body elongated, dorsoventrally flattened, unsegmented leaf like. Tapering anteriorly into scolex, head consists of scolex and neck, scolex variable in shape, undifferentiated. Neck not markedly distinguished from scolex or trunk. Body length 15.23 – 18.11 mm and width 2.00 -3.54 mm. They are mainly found in shing, taki, magur etc. The disease caused by Lytocestus sp. called Lytocestosis

Lytocestus spp. (Cohn, 1908)


Phylum Platyhelminthes

Class : Cestoda

Order Caryophyllidea

Family : Caryophyllaeidae

Genus : Lytocestus


Symptoms and pathology

• Damage the tissues of alimentary canal.

• Interfere with the absorptive process of the intestine.

• Reduced food intake.

• Secondary infection is possible in gut wall.

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