Gyrodactylus sp. (von Nordmann, 1831)

Gyrodactylus sp. (von Nordmann, 1831)

It is another Monogenean parasite, well known as skin fluke. Body length 0.400-0.413 mm and width 0.124-0.133 mm. Body ventrally flattened. Anterior end of body has two points and has no eyes. At hind end a disc-shaped attachment organ present bearing two central books surrounded by 16 smaller hooks. Various species of fish are affected by this parasite, mainly shing. Carp fish etc. The disease caused by Gyrodactylus sp. called Gyrodactylosis

Gyrodactylus sp. (von Nordmann, 1831)

 Classification :

Phylum:  Platyhelminthes

Class :  Monogenea

Order:  Polyonchoinea

Family :  Gyrodactylidae

Genus:  Gyrodactylus


Symptoms and pathology

• Colour becomes fade.

• Fin drops, fold and gradually become tons.

• Skin become slimy, shows blood spots.

• Breathing rate increase.

• Possible blindness.

• Rest frequently at the surface of water.

• Injury caused in attacked place.

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