The Characteristics Contains Mollusca Generaly


  1. Body is short and partially or wholly enclosed by a fleshy outgrowth of the body wall called mantle.
  2. A shell if present secreted by the mantle and of one, two or eight parts.
  3. Head and ventral muscular foot closely allied with foot variously modified for crawling, burrowing , swimming, or foot capture.
  4. Digestive system complete, complex, with ciliary tracts for sorting small particles, mouth with radula bearing transverse rows of minute chitinous teeth, anus opening in mantle cavity.
  5. Circulatory is open type.
  6. Respiration by ctenidia (gills).
  7. Nervous system typically a circumesophageal nerve ringĀ  with various pairs of ganglia and two pairs of nerve cords.
  8. Sexes usually separated